Bring some crazy cat love into your next project with some pawesome letters and numbers! Funky, fun letterforms meet simple but adorable kitty illustrations to create one funny feline decorative font. Bright yet not overpowering color, striking shadows, and some fun shapes create an eye-catching, consistent font.
Published in the second edition of Mastering Type by Denise Bosler (coming early 2025)  
Typography | Hand Lettering | Illustration
What started out as participating in the 36 Days of Type challenge ended up as a personal project made with a lot of love. Inspired by one small, sassy girl with the roundest wide eyes and her love to lay on her arched scratcher, the Feline Fine font was designed to bring some fun, whimsy letterforms to life with purr-sonality.
This group of letters and numbers were first sketched out in Photoshop before being brought into Illustrator in order to tweak these letterforms into the perfect "liquid void cat" look. Paired with some bright but soft colors, their silly positions are emphasized to not only be able to be displayed as a group of detailed drop caps (or drop cats if you would), but as a legible decorative font with character at a smaller scale.
Meet the Inspiration!
The Feline Fine font is inspired by this sweet and sassy girl, Creek, who is one of my two pawtners in crime. She enjoys becoming many shapes and has a fondness for laying on different textures.
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