Powered by renewable energy and a charitable foundation, this seasonal electronic dance music (EDM) festival donates a portion of sales to organizations who protect the bees and our environment, and it's all the buzz. In order to properly "Hype the Hive," it's a requirement to capture an electrifying brand personality through vibrant and bold design choices.
Published in the second edition of Mastering Type by Denise Bosler (coming early 2025)  
Graphic Design | Branding | Animation
EDM Festivals are truly a sensory experience featuring electronic music, vibrant, flashy lights, and towering geometric structures. With a personality reflecting that, Buzzstep needed an eye-catching high contrast color palette featuring bold angles and other geometric features that is inviting and exciting. This served as the perfect atmosphere for a friendly hype man.
Music and design together brought this buzzy buddy to life and invites potential audience members to a festival with bright flashes of color and neon light flickering, something festival-goers can experience for themselves when attending these festivals. Although I was new to animation, I was able to quickly learn how to achieve these special effects and movements to enhance the brand's experience.
Once the mission, vision, and image were fabricated, other elements to Buzzstep's brand needed to be considered. Secondary seasonal colors, buzzworthy patterns, vivid duotone photographic treatment, and bold typographic hierarchy were established to round-out the eccentric brand personality.
 Tight deadlines were involved with the creation of social media graphics to advertise the festival, but with the brand's identity established, I was able to easily and efficiently create seasonal advertisements for merchandise, a call for artists, as well as a money raised announcement. Dancing to the beat, Buzzstep's bee mascot breathed life once more through similar animated effects of flickering neon letters and movements that interact with the electronic music.
Buzzstep's attractiveness is shown through bold and bright design choices influenced by the hype behind EDM festivals, and an exciting brand was able to be created and continuously built upon to create multiple deliverables in both print and digital media.
Buzzstep Progress Images
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