Art Fight is an annual month long battle between two contrasting themed teams creating art of each others' original characters (OCs). Teams earn points based on multiple factors including the size of the character drawn (headshot vs full body), finish, color, shading, background, and polish (extra time and effort was put into the piece). The team with the highest amount of points by the end of the month wins! This event takes place annually in July.
Media: Digital — Adobe Photoshop
Art Fight 2023: Team Vampires vs Team Werewolves
Team Werewolves | 18 Attacks (Drawings) Completed for 949 Points | Winner: Team Werewolves​​​​​​​

Mother Knows Best - Snow & Storm

(Characters owned by RobinJay)

Early Autumn Days Gardening - Leaf

(Character owned by Fawnd)

Chasing Stars - Meztli

(Character owned by domopop)

Art Fight 2022: Team Bloom vs Team Wither
Team Bloom | 8 Attacks (Drawings) Completed for 361.5 Points | Winner: Team Bloom

Art Nouveau Dottie - Dottie

(Character owned by PilesOfPeaches)

Underwater Adventures - Piper

(Character owned by MoriartyParty)

High Seas Siren - Siren (Aeiou Hamasaki)

(Character owned by foshillu)

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